Hi, I'm Megan, a content designer who's excited about strategic, inclusive communication. I'm currently a content designer for the Card and Banking organization at Capital One.

I graduated from from the University of Idaho in 2022. I got a  B.F.A. in Studio Art + Design, with an emphasis in interaction design and a minor in professional writing. I’m from Anchorage, Alaska, where I grew up biking, hiking, and hiding from the brutal winter. When I'm not working, I love cooking (and eating), live music, and the outdoors.

I design for people of all abilities to engage with an environment and its ideas, armed with thoughtful content design that’s accessible. Moreover, content design that uses clear language, organization, and inclusive design practices can create a more equitable world.

What do I make?

I make using many mediums: CAD with Figma and Adobe CC, acrylic and oil paint, collage, oil pastels and pen and ink. However, all of my making, be it communication design, user experience, or fine art, is grounded in communication.

I love visual and written research, concepting, establishing visual hierarchy, and thoughtfully corresponding with clients. Making things isn’t just about my process—it’s about the other people involved. I want my peers, clients, and viewers to tell me about how they experience my work and where it is and isn’t successful.

Why big ideas for small tech?

I believe we need to change the way we design to prioritize user well-being and autonomy. I want to design for smaller companies where I can focus on the people my work touches.

I also believe that digital products should have small presences in our lives, and act as tools, which allows us to focus on living our fullest lives.

How can I help you?

I leverage writing and design to effectively communicate, no matter the medium. While I'm equally comfortable writing marketing emails or creating brand identities, I'm happiest as a content designer for mobile products

I’m particularly interested in how mobile design helps us experience our environment by means of representation, navigation, and interaction.

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