9 phones with Uber UI.

Helping users share their live location with their Uber driver


Educate riders about how and why they should share their live location with their driver right before pickup. Reduce pickup times and cancellations.


My team and I created a user flow with tooltips, banners, and a half-sheet modal, as well as an educational carousel. We saw a 0.69% decrease in cancellations, as well as decreases in driver cancellations and time spent in rendezvous.

In designing this experience, I helped users understand the perks of sharing their live location in high and low interaction use cases.

I addressed this challenge by leveraging a progressive disclosure, illustrating value, and prioritizing users’ agency.

A user flow that navigates from tooltip to banner to half sheet modal to another banner.

Ease into it

Our users needed education about this location sharing feature, but the pickup process is already information heavy. We designed a progressive disclosure comprised of a tool tip, affirming banners, and an in-depth educational modal. Now, users who are more concerned about their location data can get the details they need without overwhelming casual users, all without digging around in their settings.

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A GIF of a carousel in the location settings.

Get to the heart of the matter

Once users understand what sharing live location is, they need to know how it'll help them. The tool tip, banners, and educational carousel all include value-driven language at various lengths. Longer copy in the educational carousel uses storytelling to demonstrate a relatable, but concise use case. Shorter copy anchors around helping the driver, leveraging our desire to help each other.

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Samples of copy that affirm users' right to choose and reinforce feature boundaries. These contribute to informed decision-making.

Agency is everything

Users needed responsive and respectful content that considered location sharing's safety risk. Banners affirmed sharing state changes, which adds clarity to a process that's hard to encapsulate through a button icon. Clear language isn't enough, though. My team and I worked extensively with legal, privacy, research, and design stakeholders to ensure that this work wouldn't endanger users. This informed the short window of time that live location can be shared: 3 minutes before pickup.

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Our approach to this feature yielded positive results all around. Cancellations reduced by 0.69%. Rendezvous time was 0.6% shorter, and drivers cancelled 0.77% less, notable stats given our large dataset. Now users can meet their drivers easier, and enjoy their next adventure!