A close up of presentation slides.

Crafting cohesive content in Jumanji: Fate of the Island


Design a 3 day, 2 night immersive themed experience around an existing intellectual property. It should incorporate interactive technology.


My team and I created Jumanji: Fate of the Island, an immersive themed resort island. It’s part outdoor recreation, part environmental puzzles, part interactive theater, and all adventure.

In designing this experience, I crafted cohesive content for gamified and utilitarian use cases within our ground-breaking hospitality environment.

I addressed this challenge by creating a story bible that served as an internal team reference tool and design artifact, balancing gamified and functional communication in our app, the All-in-One, and managing our stakeholder presentation narratives.

A close up of one of the spreads of the story bible.

Grand adventures deserve great manuals

I wrote and designed the 90 page story bible in Google Docs and Indesign. The story bible acted as our source of truth throughout the project, and it kept us aligned throughout our rapidly evolving concept. It is also the vessel for the visualization work by other teammates, so I collaborated with my teammates to highlight their strongest work.

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The story bible explains the Jumanji intellectual property and then details Fate of the Island’s concept, itinerary, logistics, spaces, app, and merch.

A GIF of the app when users book an adventure. They see a list of available appointment slots, add people to the adventure, and get a confirmation.

The All-in-One for all of your needs

As our narrative lead and interactive support, I collaborated with our interactive lead on the experience’s app, the All-in-One. I worked with him to ensure that the app’s language was appropriately gamified or instructional. I unified these different types of text with our playful brand voice. I also designed the UI for the adventures flows.

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A mockup showing several of the presentation slides.

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Throughout the project, we had guest critiques from experts in interactive and experiential design including: Dr. Scott Lukas, Dr. Bobby Schweizer, and Dr. Benjamin George. These critiques were hosted like design reviews. To be successful, we needed to: explain our vast concept to these subject-matter experts, address business and design-specialty concerns, and maintain a unified front across multiple presentations. I created our well-received presentation structure, narrative, and some of its written content. I also managed our group scheduling over the duration of the semester, which included presentation rehearsals.

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Themed environments need to worldbuild, function, and entertain. Considerate content is key to meeting these needs, and I crafted mine with careful file management, outside consultation, and a healthy dose of teamwork.