A colorful poster with a grid of painted fruits and vegetables (blueberries, strawberries, blackberries, a beet, a carrot, a radish, artichokes, plums, and shallots. Below it says, "Moscow Farmers Market 2021".

Keeping things fresh in the Moscow Farmers Market poster


Design tabloid size artwork that represents the Moscow Farmers Market, the #8 farmers market in the nation. Promote the artwork in order to win the popular vote, and adapt the artwork into a poster.


I created a poster that showcased a 3 by 3 grid of acrylic produce paintings. When the poster visuals won over 40% of the public vote, I worked with the market to develop a cohesive typographic layout.

In designing this poster, I created fresh visuals that appeal to people in the Moscow-Pullman area.

I addressed this challenge by showcasing our community's values through a scalable design.

A hand holding a long, skinny white canvas with a bright orange carrot painted across it.

Lumps, bumps, and scratches

The market is home to many artisans, so its poster needed a human touch. Rather than digitally draw like other submissions, I handpainted over 12 fruits and veggies. Then, I scanned and digitally adjusted each painting to preserve the acrylic on canvas texture.

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An Instagram post of the radish, beet, and carrot captioned "Vote, vote, vote."
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Like rows in a garden

I needed to advertise my design on social media to gain votes in the poster competition. I wanted my artwork to hold up digitally and in print, with and without text. Designing on a grid allowed me to adjust my artwork later-on without compromising the balanced composition the public expected to see on the poster.

A row of painted pomegranates, asparagus, and eggplant.
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Don't throw out what you can compost

Some paintings did not make it onto the poster because they aren't local produce and because of size constraints. I wanted to share these paintings with my community, and I wanted people to be able to access the poster artwork after the 2021 market season. Listening to the requests of community members, I sold original paintings in the Co-op on the UIdaho campus and created a Redbubble store with painted produce merchandise.

My Moscow Farmers Market poster competition entry needed to resonate with the community and be shared by it. My use of texture, a modular grid, and a Redbubble store helped me win the competition and share my work even wider.