6 columns of black and white ink drawings of musicians.

Adapting with the music community's needs through Concert Black Art


Use my sketchbook more often.


I created a visual journalism project, Concert Black Art, that showcases my illustrations of local concerts. I post the artwork on Instagram and Facebook accounts.

In creating this project, I adapted to the changing music scene in the Moscow-Pullman area.

I addressed this challenge by creating a core offering with evergreen values, incorporating other music-related art and design when there were no concerts to document, and offering freelance services to meet niche community needs.

Megan drawing inside a concert hall.

Can’t get you out of my head

In Spring 2019, I befriended many music majors and noticed that, while they loved performing, the musicians around me felt undervalued and unnoticed. When I began my first concert drawing, I drew with the goal of practicing my craft, documenting the experience, and uplifting the musicians. Every concert drawing I’ve made since then has those three values in mind, and they still hold up 3 years later.

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A mockup with 5 different vinyl album cover and label designs
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Giving something new a spin

In January 2020, I hosted a giveaway of a painted vinyl record. When COVID-19 stopped all in-person shortly after, I pivoted to painting vinyl records and redesigning album art.

Three posters side by side for different music gigs.
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Time for my star moment

Since sharing my music ephemera, musicians reached out with commission requests. I’ve created concert posters, designed brand identities, and made custom paintings.

Whether I’m drawing at concerts or creating other musical ephemera, I create consistent, relevant content in and for the Moscow-Pullman music community.